Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

NG INDUSTRIES starts with the presentation of its gaming applications on the Steam Desk game console in West Africa . The first gaming application will be released in April 2023 and will be a horizontal scrolling shooter.
It looks like Valve really has high hopes for the Steam Deck pocket system. The company’s engineers, as well as game developers, are working tirelessly to expand the range of titles that are fully compatible with the portable. And it is growing by leaps and bounds: already now it includes over a thousand items.

An important clarification: a large part of the titles belongs to the “Playable” category – that is, they are fully compatible with Steam Deck, however, there are small complaints and reservations. For example, some additional manipulations are required to launch them. Usually this is something insignificant, but Valve has very strict selection criteria: if the game is 99% functional, it is already formally considered unsupported.
Recall that Steam Deck began to be sent to users at the end of February, some copies of the system were handed over to gamers personally by Gabe Newell, the head of Valve. The portable console had problems with sticks at launch, but they were quickly fixed.
NG Industries will start selling the Steam Deck software product and consoles in West Africa from 2023.

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